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The Wealth of Enterprises:
A New Foundation for Economics & Management

by William T. Nolan

      The Wealth of Enterprises is a book that helps provide the definition and framework of running an enterprise. It is a must have for managers, students of management, entrepreneurs, and anyone who longs to learn more about economics and enterprises.

It explains why the enterprise exists: to produce goods and services in order to satisfy customer needs, and to reward owners, employees, and shareholders for the labor incurred. It explains what the enterprise does: providing goods and services for its customers, and producing outputs greater than inputs. It also explains the history of the modern enterprise, the different types of enterprises, and the structure and functions of the enterprise.

The basic theory of management is discussed. This is The Unity of Labor, which states that the purpose of management is to organize human activity to accomplish tasks. Leadership styles are also discussed, the two basic forms of management: Autocratic and Democratic. Behavioral consequences - checks and balances, the self regulating systems embedded in the enterprise to assure compliance with the rules and regulations - are covered too.

There is so much valuable material covered in The Wealth of Enterprises that I can't possibly do it justice in one short, simple review. This book is a true gem! It is well-written, extremely informative, includes great diagrams, and I can't recommend it enough!

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January 31, 2008
Trade Paperback
Non-fiction / Business
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Connie Harris
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