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Evil Beside Her
The True Story of a Texas Woman's Marriage to a Dangerous Psychopath

by Kathryn Casey

      Linda Martinez was a teenage virgin when she was raped by a middle-aged man. This incident set her up for James Bergstrom, and gave her the courage to stop him. She met the shy twenty-year-old through her older brother, Gino. Bergstrom worked at Devoe and Raynolds with Gino and seemed to be a nice, quiet guy.

Bergstrom was only five feet, eight inches tall and thin, but very athletic. He had dark hair and beautiful brown eyes. His demeanor of quiet shyness left the impression that he could never harm anyone. However, looks can be deceiving, and Bergstrom was definitely a wolf in sheep's clothing.

When Linda and James began dating, their relationship seemed idyllic. James' father was an alcoholic and his parents often fought. If James wanted to take Linda home with him, he would go inside and check to see if all was quiet before he took her inside. He was thoughtful and considerate, so Linda agreed to marry him. But when James joined the Navy and insisted that they marry before he left for basic training, Linda hesitated. In time, she gave in, but with misgivings to which she later wished she'd listened.

It had to be frightening, wanting to leave, yet knowing he'd find her and kill her if she did. Then, when she learned he'd molested his young cousin, she feared for their baby daughter. The life she led must have been horrible. I learned a lot from this book. If a man won't tell you much about himself, he probably has something to hide. I learned why women stay in abusive relationships. And I've learned from experience that you have trouble getting people to hear you tell them you're being abused. This is a must read for every woman. Buy Evil Beside Her, and help us keep this dangerous man off the streets before murder becomes part of his MO.

The Book

October 2008
Mass Market Paperback
Nonfiction / True Crime
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NOTE: Contains sex, violence, profanity

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Jo Rogers
Reviewed 2009
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