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Glenn Beck's Common Sense
The Case against an Out-of-Date Government, Inspired by Thomas Paine

by Glenn Beck


Glenn Beck's book, Glenn Beck's Common Sense, points out how our government is out of control and acts for the welfare of members of Congress or their wealthy cohorts. He uses Thomas Paine's Common Sense as a reference point for his statements. Beck has been called everything from an idiot to a traitor, but this reviewer found it hard to find fault with his assessments.

With the approval ratings the people in Washington have racked up, it would seem Beck is preaching to the choir. Maybe he had the courage to describe the situation more bluntly and eloquently than the average citizen. If so, good for him.

Beck pointed out that members of Congress have a work schedule the average citizen would foam at the mouth to get such a job. These same people get to vote on raises for themselves. If this reviewer had that option, teachers would be making $100,000 a year. These perks and special privileges go on and on.

Beck has a solution for this problem: a revolution—albeit a revolution without guns or violence. A revolution in which we stand up and demand the rights given to us in the Constitution.

Some critics have said Beck's book and Paine's book are miles apart. Let the reader decide—the text of the latter essay is provided at the end of the book. This reviewer tried to see where Beck may have overstated his point, but came up with the conclusion that the people running (or ruining) our country are guilty as charged./p>

The Book

Mercury Radio Arts / Threshhold Editions / Simon & Shuster
June 16, 2009
1-4391-6857-1 / 978-1-4391-6857-8
Non-fiction / political
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Willie Elliott
Reviewed 2009
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