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Training Evaluation Toolkit

by Leslie Allan


Companies spend a lot of effort, time and money training their employees, but how can they be sure that the training has been successful and effective ?

Manager, consultant and trainer Leslie Allan’s toolkit is a helpful way to measure and report the effectiveness of a training program. The toolkit consists of an eBook and several customizable Microsoft Word forms and Excel calculation worksheets, including certificate templates for trainees. These forms are fully re-usable.

From evaluating your training impact to measuring learning and behavior, and on to analysing results and return on investment, the author discusses these topics and more.

Resources include :

  • planning and stakeholder communication templates
  • data collection forms for each evaluation level
  • participant skill assessment forms
  • charting and analysis worksheets for both financial and non-financial data
  • reporting templates for reporting results persuasively and professionally

I found the book well-structured, focused and informative, while Allan’s writing is straightforward and to the point. His list of subjects is pretty comprehensive. I found the forms to be practical, helpful and easy to use.

This toolkit is aimed at both novice and experienced professionals, from learning and human resource managers to development consultants and instructional designers.

Think of this toolkit as a step-by-step guide to measuring training programs. If you’re a trainer, you’ll definitely want to consider purchasing this toolkit.

The Book

Business Performance Pty Ltd.
eBook with complimentary forms and worksheets
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The Reviewer

Mayra Calvani
Reviewed 2009
NOTE: Reviewer Mayra Calvani has published three novels for adults: a paranormal titled Embraced by the Shadows, horror thriller Dark Lullaby, and, most recently, women's fiction / satire Sunstruck. She has also written two books for children, The Magic Violin and Crash!, and co-authored The Slippery Art of Book Reviewing, a USA Book News Best Books award finalist.
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