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Days of Our Lives 45 Years
A Celebration in Photos

by Greg Meng and Eddie Campbell

      Days of Our Lives - 45 Years is a splendid collection of old photos showing the cast as it once was and new photos showing all the growth that came about during those 45 years of living with and growing up with the members of the families portrayed in Days. It shows some backstage shots of several cast members donning make-up and wardrobe changes, as well as the newer cast families. For someone (and there are many) who has watched this show from the first Days, you'll know what I mean when I say it feels like a family album from the first picture to the last, after you get this book. I grew up with my first child being born, and going through jobs and working, and not being able to watch on a regular basis, to back sitting in front of the TV show on a daily basis when I started getting older. Then I re-acquainted myself with all my favorite people. There are many who, while in college, have arranged their classes to be able to watch this show everyday. I couldn't always watch it, but I caught up with it quickly whenever I did have the time available.

The first shot inside the book is of MacDonald Carey and Francis Reid, who are both deceased now. Francis Reid died just last year, and, of course, Carey died many years ago, but his voice is still used in the opening title and intro. The picture brings you into the book as well. Then there are the set shots to let yo know what happened behind the scenes, and many other shots for the rest of the Days of Our Lives, until you have seen all of the regular characters. There are the weddings, and Sammi growing up and all of her turmoil, and Bo and Hope (of course) and the romances. Marlena, John, Stefano, E.J., Vivian, Maggie, Roman, Abe, Lexie, Patch and Kayla, and the newer members, Brady, Rafe, Chloe, Dr. Jonas, Stephanie, Nathan, Melanie, Phillip, Carly, Austin, Jennifer, Jack, Carrie, the shameless Nicole and Kate, along with every other member of the family that I may have missed. And of course; the hospital and the police station, and all the things that happened in each of those places, as well as the harbor, where the Pub is, and where some of the murders and attacks took place. The cast is all there, just like in a dance card of old. And there are the cast notes, some, not too many, but enough to pique your memory of some of the favorite times that you watched.

All in all, this book is a delightful family album that you will want to have around to refresh your memory of pleasant times in front of the TV set, and also times that put you on edge and in deep tears. Days of Our Lives to be relived again and again, “Like sands through the hour glass,” especially if you have spent many hours in front of your TV watching those Days go by.......

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SourceBooks Inc - Naperville, Ill
November 1, 2010
1402243499 /978-1402243493
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NOTE: Photos from a favorite TV Daytime Show, Days of Our Lives. 45th Anniversary Edition with complete cast shots and some notes

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Claudia Turner VanLydegraf
Reviewed 2010
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