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Files From The Edge
A Paranormal Investigator’s Explorations into High Strangeness

by Philip J. Imbrogno


People who are interested in paranormal stories are going to love this book.  Philip J. Imbrogno  has provided a really good source for information dating from WW2 to the present about things that ordinary people question.

I like the chapter breaks and the scientific evidence with each chapter.  The book is not "dry" and all science, but a well written, enjoyable read for believers and non-believers alike.

The book is a good read, one chapter at a time or all-inclusive if you just can’t put it down.  Author Philip J. Imbrogno has a grasp on how to get people to read, understand and enjoy his work.  I enjoyed the book on a scientific level, and brainiacs could surely learn and grow from reading it.

Chapters include:  "The New Science," "Out of Nowhere," "Psychic Powers: Reality, Hoax, or Delusion?" In "Out of Nowhere," the factual origin of the saying "Raining Cats and Dogs" is explained very simply: cats and dogs were not allowed in homes in sixteenth century England, and therefore went up on roof tops with heavy straw to insulate them against cold and heavy rain. The straw got wet and they would slip off and appear to be raining.  The real mystery of the chapter appears in seventeen of the seventy three cases collected, in which fish, toads and frogs fall from the sky!  There are many, many intriguing stories in this book, and one of the more interesting and current revolves around the Mayan Calendar, which ends on December 21, 2012.   That date coincides with a solar maximum cycle that may indeed have a profound effect on Planet Earth.  This one story stands out amongst all the others because it remains a mystery of something yet to come, and we will all just have to way and see what happens!

What I’ve given you here is just a small sample of the many files collected by author Phillip J. Imbrogno.  I wish I did have space in this review to list more of the stories for you, but there are just too many; and frankly, I think readers will enjoy discovering each of them on their own.

Wonderful book with obviously painstaking detail for taking the "Willing suspension of disbelief" to another level.  I recommend this book for all who are open to what else may be out there.

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Llewellyn Publications
April 2010
Trade Paperback
Non-Fiction / Miscellaneous / Paranormal
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Laura Hinds
Reviewed 2010
NOTE: Reviewer Laura Hinds is an experienced freelance writer whose first novel, "Are You Gonna Eat That Banana?", just came out in 2009.
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