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Seven Core Strategies for Rapid-Fire Business Growth

by JK Harris


Using personal anecdotes from his highly successful 30-plus years of experience, millionaire businessman JK Harris fills the pages of Flashpoint with useful information about helping a company strike when the iron is hot. The author, founder and CEO of JK Harris & Company, the nation’s largest tax representation firm, provides seven key strategies (plus some bonus ideas) for rapidly expanding businesses in any industry. Written in the first person, the book reads like a caring mentor sharing his successes and failures with a willing protégé.

The seven key strategies, figure out what you don’t know, identify every player on the field, put the right people in the right positions, know your market and market constantly, build a sales team that can really sell, respect the competition, and prepare for success, each get their own chapter. These chapters conclude with bulleted key lessons that clearly summarize the highlights. For example, the chapter titled "Build a Sales Team That Can Really Sell" includes 17 key lesson summaries such as "no product or service is so good that it sells itself" and "the most valuable selling skill you can develop is the power of persuasion." Each key lesson includes a brief description of how readers can apply these lessons to their own situation.

Chapters also feature highlighted quotations from successful people in various industries and callout boxes that amplify items from the main text. For instance, in the chapter titled "Know Your Market, and Market Constantly," the author features additional information in a box labeled "Crisis Management" that describes how one of his companies suffered during and after an IRS raid because Harris didn’t know (at the time) how to recognize the opportunity that a crisis presents. Revealing stories such as this one make the book more engaging and valuable to readers.

Written for entrepreneurs who want to expand their businesses of any size, make more money, learn new things, overcome challenges, and make a difference in the world, the book reveals Harris’s passion for all aspects of managing a business. This helpful reference also includes selections for recommended reading, an index, and information for obtaining free Flashpoint materials to complement the book.

The Book

Entrepreneur Press
April 2010
Nonfiction / Business
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Leslie Halpern
Reviewed 2010
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