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Friends of the Family
The Inside Story of the Mafia Cops Case

by Tommy Dades and Michael Vecchione with David Fisher


Friends of the Family takes an inside look at the crimes committed by New York Police Department’s very own detectives—Louie Eppolito and Steve Caracappa. Detective Tommy Dades and Brooklyn Assistant DA Mike Vecchione are at work again, telling of the biggest corruption case that ever took place within the NYPD.  Friends of the Family details how two cops became intertwined with the Mafia and ended up being hired killers for the Mafia.

A lot of detail is given into the long and hard research that it took to get the mysterious murders from a from a cold case to one that was eventially solved. Some details were given about how the many different offices (DA, NYPD, Feds) would work together or, in reality, not work well together at all. The details were not told in overwhelming ways. In fact, they were told in New York City language. Readers can get a sense of how the authors spoke and how frustrated they were with trying to get these detectives.  It was nice to see an inside, hands-on look at how detectives attempt to solve cold cases. There was not a lot of detail on the court case itself, or even on Detectives Eppolito and Caracappa’s side of what exactly happened when they were hired murderers.

The Book

Harper True Crime
March 2010
Mass Market Paperback
Nonfiction / True Crime
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Jen Oliver
Reviewed 2010
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