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Going Rouge
An American Nightmare

Edited by Richard Kim and Betsy Reed


I asked for this book because I really wanted to see if there was anything good ever being written about Sarah Palin. What I found here didn't disappoint me because I didn't expect to find anything truly uplifting in this book.

This is a satire and in my opinion the people who put all the interviews and the various press releases together did so with an aim to undercut any and all credibility that Mrs. Palin had or ever might have. I wanted to see Mrs. Palin (the candidate) as people on the other side (the Democrats and Liberals) saw her, and what I found here went way beyond what I thought was right. I knew some of what there would be because of what is on the blogs and in the newspapers. All you have to do is mention the name "Sarah Palin," and you get an onslaught of spewing hatred in some places. I feel for Sarah although I suppose one could say that she invited it by becoming the Republican Candidate for V.P.; but who really knew that it would turn into what it became. I think what "they" fear about her the most is that she is a genuine article, and they don't know how to contend with that type of person—one who actually believes in herself: her faith, her morals and ability to always at least try to do the "right thing" for the right reasons.

This "book" kind of reminds me of one of those cliquish teen girls' movies where the outsider comes into the new school and the established girls are all so totally nasty to that poor girl that she goes home crying every night because of all that gets thrown at her. BUT haven't the people who wrote these articles grown out of that phase of their lives??? Now that being stated, the book was funny in a very snarky way, and IF a person reading it could look at it as the "sick" humor that has started passing for entertainment, then it was entertaining in a Conan O'Brien or David Letterman sort of way. Which I guess I have never been able to "get" even when each of them say they are being "nice guys." Humor is supposed to be funny, not killing; to me this is killing and NOT funny. But then, who am I to say? I like Sarah Palin. I think she has a bit of growing to do, but she has a great heart and a good mind. She will grow to become one of the more important figures in the future of politics or the media (if either are her choice) in the future.

The authors even went so far as to use a photo of Mrs. Palin in the same style as the one that is on the l front of her REAL book, Going Rogue. While their title is a very deliberate play on the word "Rogue" and "rouge on a pig," as in "lipstick on a pig", from when Mrs. Palin had described herself as a "pit bull with lipstick. It all seems rather contrived to me, and maybe even an attempt to get the reader to pick up this book instead of Mrs. Palin's own.

As far as the writing ability of the editors, I couldn't see it, because all they wrote was the opening fusillade and all I saw there was the attack. They might be great comedy writers of the new era, but I didn't see it or "get it." Still, they did have a bunch of pages of acknowledgments, so you can see where all the articles and interviews actually came from to judge them for yourself. And if you don't like Sarah Palin and like the sort of humor you get from Conan or Letterman, this book might just be a lot more to your taste than mine.

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Health Communications
December 2009
0757315240 / 978-0757315244
Non-fiction / political satire
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