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Hope for Animals and Their World
How Endangered Species Are Being Rescued from the Brink

by Jane Goodall, Thane Maynard and Gail Hudson
Read by Jane Goodall


Is there anyone out there who hasnít heard of Jane Goodall and seen the movie about her beloved chimpanzees? Renowned scientist Goodall and zoo director Thane Maynard bring to light all the efforts being made to save the many endangered species on the American continent.

I really enjoyed listening to her narration. She talks with the passion of a dedicated field biologist and conservationist out to save our planet, without the preachy lecture. She simply relates the works of many who are hard at it in the field, trying to give future generations of animal species and humans the ability to know about the dangerously possible extinction of our world of animals

This audiobook is something to behold. It is so thoroughly interesting to learn about animals that are facing their end. One story that was of particular interest to me was the work to save the black-footed ferrets of North Dakota. After efforts to save them in a captive breeding program, they all died and faced extinction. Until one day, a rancher in another state found a dead varmint on his property that had been killed by his dog. The rancher threw it in the garbage and, his wifeís curiosity piqued, she retrieved it and upon examination it proved to be a ferret. After calling in biologists, they found a family of ferrets living on his property and captured several to try to breed them back from extinction. After several failed attempts and down to the last three in existence, the biologists were successful; and now because of their heroic efforts, the ferret is no longer endangered.

It is stories like this that will educate and enlighten the listener. This is for any animal lover, biologist, or simply for Jane Goodall fans. Highly recommended.

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Hachette Audio
October 20, 2009
Audio book / Unabridged / 11 CDís / Appx 12 hrs and 48 min
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Conservation / Wild life
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