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What Foreigners Need to Know About America From A To Z
How to Understand Crazy American Culture, People, Government, Business, Language and More
Lance Johnson

A to Z Publishing
June 21, 2012 / ISBN-13: 978-1468172362

Reviewed by Sylvia McClain

I know Lance Johnson spent a great amount of time putting this book together, traveling around the world observing everything he saw and taking note. One of the first sections I suggest to read is “Importance of Understanding Cultural Differences,” especially the part on Cultural Misconceptions. It is a must read. Yes, the book is long and can’t be read in one sitting, but here is my suggestion: set up a schedule. Read section “A” on Monday and Section “B” on Tuesday and so on and so forth. That’s what I have done, simply because I knew I could not read it all in one sitting.

Now what do I think you will get from reading the book by the time you get to the end? A wealth of understanding of cultures around the world; Also a better understanding of the USA and it’s business practices.

Reviewer Sylvia McClain is the author of the The Write Life: A Beginning Writers Writing Guide (3rd ed) and Skipping Through Life: The Reason I Am.
Reviewed 2012