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Coconut Therapy for Pets
Bruce Fife, ND

Piccadilly Books, Ltd.
January 1, 2014/ ISBN 987-0-941599-95-5
Nonfiction / Pet health care information

Reviewed by Claudia VanLydegraf


Coconut Oil and other variations of Coconut usage has just recently come into the market place and the notice of the medical community for overall health usage availability. Coconut Therapy for Pets is a book that was written by an actual Naturopathic Doctor to let people know there are many good and helpful things forms of Coconut can be used for in the care, well-being and longevity of your pets. I found it really interesting and helpful, because I did not think (on my own) about all the ways to use it for my pups, even though I had used it myself to better some of my own conditions, such as memory retention. They responded to my putting a spoon of it in the oil form, into their food on a daily basis so well, and I know it will help many of their skin and fur conditions, for a long time to come. It also helps in their memory retention and the various bugs and parasites that might infest their lives and bodies, because they spend most of their time outside and on the ground.

We often don't think about our everyday things being helpful to our pets, as we are cautioned and warned that we should not give our pets this or that as treats and we should stick to only the food that comes in bags or cans from the supermarket, because so many of them are far better than anything we could put together in our own homes, but in many cases, that is total bunk. Our food is good enough for us and in many cases, it is good for our pets. We have been conditioned to not give our pets table food, and for good reasons a lot of the time, as in chocolate, etc., those things might kill our pets, but coconut is good for them as well as for us. If you love your pets, get Coconut Therapy for Pets and read about the many ways that Dr. Bruce Fife, ND, has found to incorporate coconut into their daily diets. It can be a good thing for that little pup or cat of yours, it can revive your dull shaggy haired, tired eyed dog back into being the puppy that she/he was just a few years ago, without too much effort and surprisingly, they actually like the oil put into their food. Give it a try, and read the many ways it might refresh that little best friend and you will feel a lot better about how much you are doing for him/her every day. I enjoyed reading this book and I am sure you will also, if you have a loving bundle of fur that cuddles up to you each day and loves to be petted. Oh, and it also cleans up those nasty scratchy - itching ears. And that makes their lives a lot more enjoyable for them, not to be scratching those ears all day. There are many things to read about how to help your pet, and you will find a LOT of it very interesting.

Reviewer Claudia VanLydegraf, is the author of Notes from Nobody
Reviewed 2014