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The Great Grisby
Two Thousand Years of Literary, Royal, Philosophical, and Artistic Dog Lovers and Their Exceptional Animals
Mikita Brottman

October 7, 2014/ ISBN 9780062304612
Non-Fiction / Dog & Human bond

Reviewed by Linda Morelli


In The Great Grisby, Mikita Brottman, Ph.D., an Oxford-educated scholar, critic and psychoanalyst, discusses why people tend to choose certain breeds of dogs, and how owners can easily become passionate about their dogs. She includes many famous authors, artists, politicians and influential personages, as well as fictional characters, in asking the question: Do dogs truly reflect specific traits and/or personalities of the humans with whom they interact?

Ms. Brottman does an excellent job in presenting us with numerous possibilities and includes fascinating facts about the origins of various breeds and their uses. For instance, “lap dogs” were originally used to provide heat in olden days. I'm not surprised. My two lap dogs can generate 100 plus degrees even on the coldest of days.

While some dogs are raised for protection, others can be a source of calm, or confidants with whom one can share fears and emotions without fear of recrimination. A dog is a faithful companion whose love is unconditional. A dog is loyal, steadfast and, while not always on the best behavior, can be a source of laughter and definitely love.

All the facts revealed in this book are fascinating, but I enjoyed the chapter endings most, in which Ms. Brottman illustrates how that chapter’s topic relates to her adorable French bulldog, Grisby. Many times she had me laughing out loud. I smiled each time I found echoes of my own dogs’ adorable canine idiosyncrasies.

For Ms. Brottman, Grisby reveals “how dog is the mirror of man.” Perhaps that’s truly why we love our dogs: they’re a reflection of our inner selves. As a source of bountiful facts and keen observations on the unique human-dog relationship, The Great Grisby is a must read book for all dog owners.

Reviewer's Notes: Mikita Brottman’s previous books include Hyena and Thirteen Girls. She is Professor of Humanistic Studies at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore.


Reviewer Linda Morelli is the award winning author of three published romance novels.
Reviewed 2014