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The Mythology of Grimm
The Fairytale and Folklore Roots of the Popular TV Show
Nathan Robert Brown

Berkley Boulevard Books
9/30/2014 / ISBN 978-0-425-27102-5
Nonfiction / Mythology /TV related

Reviewed by Carisa Farrington


Anyone who’s read Grimm’s Fairytales know that they’re…well...GRIM. Very. Grim.

The TV show, which is now in its 4th season on NBC, has managed to bring the universe of Grimm’s tales in to the “real world” through the lives of the “Grims” themselves. As exciting and intense as the show is, it’s still based deeply within legend and folklore that has been around for centuries. This book takes fans of both the fairy tales and the show deep into the universe from which they were created, dissects the fact from the fiction of the key items, characters, and mythos of the show itself, and dishes out tasty morsels of linguistic knowledge and history by offering up “Grimm word” snippets sprinkled throughout the pages.

I had to fight two people to keep my hands on this book. I’m so glad I did. It’s filled with great info about the background of the stories and the show. I’m a huge fan and am in a constant state of “what can I get my hands on next” when it comes to mythology, legends, and lore so getting through this book was like being allowed an entire chocolate cake for dessert. There’s info about the weapons, creatures, stories, and symbols that are at the heart of the popular TV show. It is a must have for many different types of readers, not just fans.

Reviewed 2014