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All That's Left to Know About Rock's Greatest Power Trio
Max Mobley

Backbeat Books
June 2014/ ISBN 978-1-61713-451-7
Non-Fiction / Arts & Photography / Music / Rock

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


As a 30 year-plus fan of the Canadian rock band, Rush, I was fairly sure I was a know-it-all about the band. After all, I had attended 38 concerts and met the band members three times. I owned every book about them, read every magazine article, and was a member of the Rush Backstage Fan Club. If there was a bit of trivia about Rush, I knew it. That was my story and I was sticking to it. I initially expressed skepticism about this book, but my friend, John Patuto of Cygnus said he was giving it a chance, and so should I. He even contacted the author, Max Mobley, and helped secure me a review copy. As it turns out, I was not a know-it-all; I was merely a know-it-some!

I must say, I was blown away by the book. Mobley did so much research and supplied an incredible amount of detail about the band, their music, their equipment, their history, their concert tours and more. Rush is often considered to be “The Thinking Man’s band,” and this is certainly the thinking man’s (or woman’s!) book for new fans and long-time die-hard fans alike.

Mobley has written all of this information with a humorous touch and imparts the feeling that he is talking with you, sharing the stories of Rush, rather than just facts. I found myself laughing aloud, smiling, and generally overwhelmed with a joyous feeling while reading all sorts of information about my favorite rock trio. A wide array of black and white photographs are included, as well as a bibliography and a detailed index.

From this day forward, whenever I have a question about Rush, the book RUSH FAQ is going to be my go-to source, my Rush bible, and will also be a book I can turn to for hours of unlimited enjoyment.

Thank you, Max Mobley, for putting together the definitive book of Rush information; you have done Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, and Neil Peart proud, and as a fan I truly appreciate it! If you like the band Rush, and want to learn more about them, then this is THE book you want to add to your collection!

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Reviewed 2014