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I Heart Narwhals
I Heart Coloring Books Series – Book XIV
Jessie Eckel

Buster Books (Michael O’Mara)
7 March 2019/ ISBN 9781780556239
Non Fiction/Coloring

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


Here is the latest in the “I Heart” series of delightful 6” square coloring books. As a child I was fascinated by the picture of the narwhal in my alphabet book, a creature that looked like something out of either the prehistoric past or a fantasy novel. If you too are charmed by “the unicorn of the sea” then here is a whole book dedicated to it for your coloring pleasure.

Fans of the series will be pleased to hear that everything is the same as usual as regards layout and quality etc. For anybody new to these books they are all the size mentioned, with 128 pages of bright, smooth white paper of good quality illustrated with cute and simple but imaginative drawings of whatever subject the book covers. Drawings are obviously done by hand so no pixels, and lines are black and of medium width. Turn over each page and you will see a pattern made of small images in faint gray that can be left as a decoration or colored in as you wish. Some pictures do go slightly into the spine and there are no perforations, but you can remove them carefully with a knife and frame them. They would look good arranged in groups as a cute, naïve addition to a wall. There is nothing on the back of any of them but the gray repeat patterns but as this is paper rather than card, I suggest putting a sheet of paper underneath if you want to use watercolor pens (not permanent markers like Sharpies). Subjects in here show the narwhals in all types of situations from having a horn threaded with donuts to being covered with jewels, inside a snow globe, surrounded by sea creatures, as repeat wallpaper, posing as a snowman, eating an ice cream and many more. It is an ideal size to put in a bag and take travelling or to waiting rooms and no picture will take too long to color unless you want it to. This is a popular series that I hope will run and run…more please!

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Reviewed 2019