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A Million Unicorns
A Million Creatures To Color Series

Michael O’Mara Books
25 July 2019/ ISBN 9781789291346
Non Fiction / Coloring

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


There probably aren’t actually a million unicorns in this book but they do take center stage on every page. With its colourful foiled cover and over sixty pages of imaginative and upbeat illustrations this is a great addition to Ms Mayo’s A Million series.

This book has bright white paper with a smooth texture and medium width black lines. Pictures are printed on both sides and do vanish into the margins and no, they don’t have perforations. Not every book is intended to produce artwork for framing and this modestly sized one is just for enjoying. It would be ideal for taking on vacation or to waiting rooms where its cheerful designs will relax and add a positive note. It lacks tooth for pencils but they can be used, as can anything else that won’t soak into the paper, such as water-based pens, crayons, pastels and gel pens. Paints are too wet and markers like Sharpies will soak through. Some of the pictures are single page but there are also many double page spreads. They depict a cute fantasy world where all is not quite what it appears at first glance, and one thing often morphs into something else. Winged unicorns fly in the sky among rainbows and clouds through fantastic cities, or dance in forests filled with woodland plants and animals. Creatures from the other series appear too, so there are also plenty of cats, dogs, owls and pandas. A picture of a Russian city is actually two polar bears embracing among unicorn shaped clouds, and many of the pictures show unicorns with mermaid tails in undersea scenes. They dance among buildings on top of a giant penguin, play in a band amongst the waves and peep out from a huge jellyfish. None of these pictures is too intricate for a beginner colorist, and less daunting than some of the larger, more detailed books. All the unicorns and other creatures have Ms Mayo’s trademark cute appearance being plump, cloudlike creatures that look irresistibly huggable. Children and adults alike will enjoy this welcome addition to the series.

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Reviewed 2019