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Becoming Starlight
A Shared Death Journey from Darkness to Light
Sharon Prentice, PhD

Waterside Productions, Incorporated
May 8, 2018/ ISBN 1947637940
Nonfiction/ Spirituality / Parapsychology /Near-Death Experiences

Reviewed by Nicole Merritt


This book is an engaging story and one that supplements the Near Death Experience (NDE) that so many of us have either had or read about in the past. This is a new take on that experience, which she calls the SDE, or Shared Death Experience. In this scenario, the “experience” is happening to the person who is sharing the moment of death alongside the dying person. In other words, as one being is dying, another can actually be invited to experience their transitional state outside the dying body as they are moving from the physical world to the beyond, or spiritual realm. As strange as this sounds, it is not so unusual to assume it is not possible. It is proven that twins sometimes experience coincidental feelings or thoughts. Near Death Experience is proven to occur in numerous cases. So, why not a Shared Death Experience?

Dr. Prentice has written a well-formed and thoughtful story of a Shared Death Experience of her own. In this poignant account of her own tragic loss, she shares how she learned to let go and accept spiritual truth during the illness, and after the death, of her husband.

The story follows a series of episodes in her life where she felt disconnected and estranged from God. Lonely, hurt, and heartbroken over the death of her daughter; she became depressed and estranged from her husband. She sought solace in nature. After moving and renewing her interest in life, tragedy struck again in the illness of her husband. It was during this illness that she began to find her inner strength and forgiveness.

It was at the bedside of her dying husband that she had her Shared Death Experience. She was a welcome visitor to the travel from this life to another where she and her husband parted and she returned to her physical state of consciousness only to realize she had journeyed to the crossroads of the afterlife.

At this point, she felt a calm she had never felt before.

This was quite a story and she told it with much empathy and passion. I think anyone searching for answers to the burning question, “is this all there is?” should read her story. It might just awaken a desire to take a spiritual journey of your own.

Reviewed 2018