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Kerby Rosanes

LOM Art (Michael O’Mara Books)
2 May 2019/ ISBN 9781912785056
Non Fiction/Coloring

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


Calling all fans of Kerby Rosanes’ unique style, as well as those who have yet to delve into one of his amazing books. Here is a compilation of images taken from his series of “Morphia” titles for your coloring pleasure, plus a sixteen-page section showing just how great those black and white line drawings can be made to look.

Anybody grumbling about the fact that this is not a “new” book of images will perhaps be cheered by the fact that if they colored in and framed one side, now they can do the same with the other! My only gripe about these wonderful books is that they are printed both sides and as the book is not very large many (though not all) of the pictures are two page spreads. They are printed on decent quality thick paper/thin card which is rather smooth, and yes they do vanish into the spine in most cases. No perforations either, but I guess they are meant to be colored in and kept rather like a photo album and shown off as a whole. Or you can carefully remove the single pages which would look great framed as a group and gaze at elephants made from machinery, a spider in a web filled with magical objects, an anchor surrounded by cavorting fish and a clock face covered with flowers. Turn to the beginning to see what several really talented colorists have done with several images (all of which are included in this book) together with short explanations about their methods. These have all been written by Kerby himself, and each has been chosen because it highlights a particular coloring method. See how one picture has combined both traditional and computer methods, another tells a story, while a third has a unique background created by the colorist. This beautiful book is ideal for anybody, whether they have already colored in every one of Kerby’s titles or are new to them. It is probably not the best choice for a total coloring beginner though as these are all detailed, complex designs. One for the keeper shelf.

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