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Colour Quest Animals
John Woodcock

Michael O'Mara Books
2 March 2017/ ISBN 9781782437130
Non Fiction/ Art / Color by Number

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Last year innovative publisher Michael O-Mara combined coloring with puzzles when they launched Colour Quest by Joanna Webster (also reviewed on this site, link at the bottom). A year on and here is the second in the series featuring thirty large format (14½” x 10½”) pages depicting animals.

I hugely enjoyed the first in the series, being a fan of both coloring and puzzles. This is a new twist on the old color by numbers only with grids rather than irregular shapes. Follow the key down the side and fill in each shape with the right color, and a picture gradually materializes. The pictures are printed on one side only, are perforated for easy removal and have a wide margin around a black line frame so do not vanish into the spine. Paper is a smooth, bright white and of a good quality, but some waterbased felt pens might shadow a bit on the other side, so putting a sheet of paper underneath is a good idea. I would not recommend using permanent markers like Sharpies or anything wet like paint. The grids and numbers are printed in faint grey so as not to be too visible after coloring and the numbers are small. Sharp eyesight is a must as is a good light but frankly I cannot think of any way around this and the finished work looks most impressive. If you cannot wait to see what the picture is going to be or want to know what sort of animals are featured there is a page at the back showing finished thumbnails of all the pictures. The front depicts a magnificent lion’s head and on the back is a colorful tropical frog. More than that would spoil part of the fun but I can comment that there is a wide range of subjects from mammals to birds, fish, insects and reptiles. The first book had mostly uniform tessellated grids but this book also has many looser, mosaic style pictures like the one on the cover, which suits the subject matter well. I confess to not having much artistic talent but I do find coloring relaxing and have a lifelong love of puzzles of all kinds, so I had a ball with this book. Another plus is that it does not matter too much if you do not have expensive materials as this is not about shading, blending or artistic ability as much as a true coloring book. As with the first title this ought to last some time and I hope this will be a series with many more titles.

If you cannot find a good range of drawing materials locally try for a list of suppliers.

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Reviewed 2017