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Dinosaurs To Colour and Facts To Discover
Claire Scully

Buster Books (Michael O’Mara Books Ltd)
1 June 2017 / ISBN 9781780554563

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Dinosaurs have captured people’s imaginations since they were first described, and here is a quality coloring book featuring thirty of the impressive beasts. Not only that, but also some facts about each one.

What’s not to love? There is a surprising lack of dinosaur themed coloring books and I have been on the hunt for a good one for some time. Now I have found it, but as it has been published by Michael O’Mara’s juvenile imprint I might have missed it! This book has wider appeal than that with fairly intricate pictures that older children and adults alike will enjoy coloring. Claire Scully is one of the team that produced the series of coloring books that began with The Menagerie, and here she lends her expertise to this overlooked subject. Expect the same high quality as you get with the adult series, namely smooth bright white paper, visible black lines with no pixels and nothing vanishing into the spine. The paper could be thicker but at least each picture only has the facts behind it, so if you are into pens, do read them first and put a sheet of paper underneath. I would suggest pencils as being the best choice, as with most coloring books with permanent markers like Shapies and paints being unsuitable. A light touch with gel and watercolor pens is recommended and an adult with a sharp knife to carefully remove pictures for mounting as there are no perforations. Like the rest of the Menagerie series, this book has the trademark features of a small colored background detail (usually foliage) on each page; a nice touch. All the usual suspects are here including T Rex, triceratops, stegosaurus, archaeopteryx and diplodocus as well as some lesser known and more recently discovered creatures like spinosaurus, liopleurodon, deinocheirus, brachytrachelopan and miragaia. Opposite to each picture is a page of facts including pronunciation, silhouette showing a person for scale and several well-spaced facts. These include what was it, where and when did it live and what does the name mean, plus two other facts pertaining to whatever particular features it had. At the beginning is a double page spread with a simple diagram of dinosaur families, plus a list of their various habitats and a piece about when the age of dinosaurs occurred. There is no color guide as nobody knows what colors they were – this part is up to the colorist! An index would have been nice but like the rest of this series this is a coloring book to buy, enjoy and treasure whatever your age. Highly recommended.

Reviewed 2017