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Enigma Crack The Code
Dr Gareth Moore

Michael O'Mara
6 September 2018 / Out in US 1 March 2019/ ISBN 9781782439042
Non Fiction/Puzzles

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


Ordinary puzzle books not enough of a challenge? Up for something harder and a bit different? Try this for size! Unlike most puzzle books diving in anywhere is not an option, and reading the introduction is compulsory. In here the author explains the complex and unusual way the book works: the puzzle titles contain clues and as you progress the instructions on how to solve become more obscure. For a twist the puzzles themselves are not always harder, but you have to work out what to do. There are ideas on what to do if stuck, mostly involving things like asking other people, sleeping on it or taking exercise. As the warning states this is not a book for beginners and you won’t find the usual word searches or crosswords, although all the puzzles are the type involving words and letters rather than numbers. I confess to being most impressed and pleased with this book. The puzzle books I see while queuing in my local store seem rather easy and mundane after years of doing them, so if this is your problem too this book is aimed at you. The paper is average, similar but a bit better than the type used in the puzzles magazines. The size is that of a typical trade paperback so not ideal for travelling, but you can’t have everything. Turn to the back if really stuck! I hope this is the first in a new series, I would certainly buy another.

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