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The Labyrinth
Mythical Beasts To Colour
Richard Merritt and Sabine Reinhart

LOM Art (Michael O’Mara Books)
4 May 2017/ ISBN 9781910552612

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Richard Merritt is back with the fourth in the series of his wonderfully intricate, large, square coloring books. Following on from The Menagerie, The Aviary and The Aquarium, he has left the world of wildlife and instead opted for creatures of myth and legend.

I have all four of these books and love them; they are a good size (11¼²), have good quality bright white paper, and are printed on only one side of the paper. Add in visible black lines and the unusual feature of a small colored background detail (usually foliage), and you tick most of the boxes for a good coloring book. Some perforations for easy removal of the pictures would be even better, as would having pictures that don’t disappear into the spine. Not all of them do, but some are guilty of this, and it makes them difficult to complete and remove tidily. The paper has a smooth surface, which is nice for pens but not so good for pencil colorists, who require some tooth. Waterbased pens are fine with a light touch, but not permanent markers like Sharpies or paints. The thirty-one images are a good mix of creatures from all over the world, from well-known ones like the various dragons, mermaid, werewolf, and kraken, to more unusual choices like the jackalope, qilin, white stag and kitsune. The glorious faun on the cover features some metallic details and shows how good these images can look colored in. Check out the back cover for a rainbow Cerberus. I look forward to see what is coming next in this excellent series.

Reviewed 2017