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Let Trump Be Trump
The Inside Story of His Rise to the Presidency
Corey R. Lewandowski, David N. Bossie
read by Peter Berkrot

Hatchette Audio
December 5, 2017 / ASIN: B0776XTLDZ
Nonfiction / Politics / Audiobook - Unabridged 7 hrs &41 min

Reviewed by Nicole Merritt

As the title implies, the book certainly outlines a pro Trump theme. The narration is simple and the tone a bit too monotone. The opening of the book details the moments before the announcement of the election results. As the Trumps and Pences sit waiting for the historic moment when Donald Trump becomes President of the United States, in what many have called a shocking outcome, the clock ticks with anticipation. As the race is called, the authors describe Trump’s attitude about not having a speech ready, and having to put it together at the last minute. The families’ reaction and their exit from the fifteenth floor descending to the stage, describing the curiosity of no floor numbers on the elevator between 15 and 4. This is as exciting as it gets.

As the authors unfold the events leading up to that moment, the listener is taken on a ride that many assumed was a roller coaster, but after listening to this audio book, it seems many of his inner circle believed it was inevitable. Trump, himself, states on election night that he started this just to have fun. It seems he did.

If you are looking for a tell all, this isn’t it. It is more of a fluffy reminiscence of what the two authors witnessed as Trump’s campaign manager and assistant during their short tenure in his campaign.

It is not an in-depth portrait, so don’t expect to find out any secrets. It’s rather a painted picture of the landscape. If you are a Trump fan, you might enjoy it. But, if you are a die-hard Hillary fan, don’t waste your money; it will just make you crazy.

The book details events in the campaign as they unfold; beginning with Corey’s hiring to run the biggest campaign in his career. It surfaces the interactions with Trump and himself. As to the book’s wide appeal, there probably isn’t much more than for Trump fans. Like the title implies, let this book be a book, is my recommendation.

Reviewed 2018