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Logic and Reasoning
10-Minute Brain Games
Dr Gareth Moore

Michael O’Mara
14 June 2018/ ISBN 9781782439059
Non Fiction/Puzzles

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


Give your brain a workout and test your powers of logic with this handy, bag sized book. There are over 160 puzzles of many different types and none of them will take too long to solve, making this an ideal book for any time you have a few spare minutes.

I’ve been a puzzle addict since early childhood and was pleased to see such a wide and imaginative range of puzzles. Choose from Sudoku, battleships, logic problems, slitherlink, bridges, kakuro, my own favorite han-jie and many more less familiar types. The sudoku puzzles come in several varieties including arrow, 3D star, calcudoku, frame and quad pencil-mark. Each page has one puzzle on it together with instructions plus a few tips on solving and a space to write in your solving time. Turn to the back and there are the solutions, plus a short introduction at the front which includes the reassuring note that anybody new to a puzzle type probably won’t solve it in ten minutes. The only thing I was less pleased with is the quality of the paper which is of the “sugar paper” type and repeated rubbing out of pencil will make a hole. But it does keep down the weight of the book a lot, meaning that this really can be carried in a bag. I recommend a soft pencil, clean plastic rubber and a light touch for best results. I also recommend this book!

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