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A Million Owls
Lulu Mayo

Michael O’Mara Books
2 March 2017/ ISBN 9781782437031
Non-Fiction / Coloring

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Love owls and coloring? Here is a book that combines both these popular things with a large number (not actually a million) to color in. This is the latest in Lulu Mayo’s series of coloring books, which have previously covered cats, dogs and bears. Comprising sixty-four 9” x 7” pages, there are over thirty double page spreads drawn in highly visible black pen (no pixels) showing what owls get up to when not sitting in trees and hooting. The style is Japanese inspired, amusing and whimsical, sure to appeal to a wide range of colorists, including children. Owls get dressed in their best, frolic among toadstools and cacti, attend weddings and tea parties or go sailing. Tucked away among the owls you can also spot a few creatures from the earlier books joining in with the fun. The paper is a very smooth bright white, and images are printed both sides, sometimes disappearing into the spine. There are no perforations, but then this is more a classic coloring book than a book of frame-able pictures, as nearly all the scenes are double page spreads. Pencil users might wish for more tooth, and this is not a book for paints or Sharpies. Waterbased pens need a light touch, and a sheet of paper underneath in case of marks showing through is a good idea, as is first choosing which side you most want to keep. My advice is to stick to pencils, crayons or anything else that sits on the surface and won’t sink in. This will be a hit with all colorists who like owls and kawaii art.

Reviewed 2017