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An Extreme Colouring and Search Challenge
Kerby Rosanes Colouring Books Series # 3
Kerby Rosanes

LOM Art (Michael O’Mara Books)
6 July 2017/ ISBN 9781910552261

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Kerby Rosanes requires no introduction to colorists all over the world. His bestselling books are like nothing else with their beautifully drawn intricately fantastic images showing animals morphing into just about anything else. Now he turns his attention to the world of mythology in a new book packed with pictures just begging to be turned into colorful works of art.

The subtitle says it all – an extreme coloring and search challenge. Not only are there lots of wonderful pictures to color, but sharp eyes are required to spot various items. Turn to the back for the answers; a double page spread just before them reveals what you are looking for. As the answers will spoil the fun of searching, it might have been best to put the items to spot at the beginning, but at least the subtitle lets you know they are in the book. The paper is a smooth bright white and of a moderate thickness with highly detailed pictures drawn in visible black lines (no pixels). I would suggest pencils rather than any kind of pen as the pictures are back to back although a light touch with a gel pen is also an option. Pictures do unfortunately vanish into the spine as most are double page spreads with part of the picture lost, but unless the book was very large this is inevitable with this level of detail and good-sized pictures. The book does open obligingly flat and stays thus, which is a plus.

If you are new to this artist’s style, expect a book filled with highly detailed pictures where one thing morphs into another. A kraken’s tentacles merge with waves, a lion is made of fire, a stag’s antlers have leaves like a tree’s branches, a yeti emerges from a mountain, a unicorn’s mane is made of roses and many more. European mythology dominates with some Egyptian and a few more Eastern figures such as dragons and nagas. They are all magnificently enthralling projects for colorists and hopefully a book of large format posters might come out so they could be hung on a wall. From the bookplate to color in, to the page announcing the answers, the whole book is a colorist’s dream. Many hours of coloring enjoyment are guaranteed; highly recommended.

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