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The New Childhood
Raising Kids to Thrive
Jordan Shapiro
Read by Jordan Shapiro

Hachette Audio
December 31, 2018/ ASIN: B07L5T59T4
Nonfiction / Education / Medical / Child Psychology / Audiobook - Unabridged 9 hours 15 minutes

Reviewed by Nicole Merritt

This book presents a very interesting concept in child rearing. Shapiro demonstrates his belief that video game playing harnesses the same brain functions that are responsible for focused attention as similar role-playing activity did in the boomer generation. If you have ever told your children to stop playing video games and come to the dinner table, and they sit in front of the TV entirely oblivious to your call, you will have experienced that intense focus. While constant screen time does take away from social interaction, Shapiro contends that there is no need to worry. This is the new childhood and perfectly acceptable. He does focus most definitely on that one particular subject throughout the book, so if you have any reservations as to the logic of this theory, you may want to skip it. The book offers a human side of the parental problem but does not really offer much parental advice on how to cope with the new technological coming of age other than go with the flow. For many parents, this may not be a livable solution. If you are looking for an easy answer to the problem of how much time is too much in front of the video screen or any kind of support for when is too much, enough; forget it. While the author does make a valid point that the digital age is here to stay, he believes the child should not be held to a rigid standard when it comes to turning it off. The parent then must be flexible and understand the child’s needs in a digital world. Hmm…I will let you be the judge of this one. Shapiro did his own narration, which was a plus. His passion for the material was a welcome addition to the presentation.

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