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Outwitting Housework
101 Cunning Stratagems to Reduce Your Housework to a Minimum
Barty Philips

Michael O’Mara
14 June 2018 / Out in US 1 October/ ISBN 9781782439141
Non Fiction/General

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


Do you want to organize your home effectively, and thus have more time for the things you prefer doing? Inside this book are “101 cunning stratagems to reduce your housework to a minimum,” as it says on the cover.

I was immediately hooked on this, not being a big fan of housework. There are lots of useful tips in here, for example, a little and often is better than letting it all pile up, necessitating a major cleaning operation.

The book is divided into chapters, so you can easily find out via the itemized contents at the front or the index at the back what you want to know. Choose from sections on technology, pest control, stain removal, pets, cleaning and how to get family members to help. Within these broad categories you can discover how to get rid of various common stains, choose the right vacuum cleaner for you; get the most out of your doormat, deal with hoards and more. A lot of it is common sense, but I found reading how to get the best out of cleaning supplies, tackle each stain the right way, and use some kitchen staples for surprising things, useful.

The author writes in an amusing, highly readable way, so even though I was reading about a subject I usually find unappealing, I was entertained and easily took a lot of ideas on board. This is definitely one for the bookcase and worth buying for that section on getting stains out alone.

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Reviewed 2018