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A Tangle-By-Numbers Challenge
Felicity French and Lauren Farnsworth

LOM Art (Michael O’Mara Books)
1 June 2017/ ISBN 9781910552735

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


This is a coloring book with a difference, as you don’t color the pictures in, you fill the spaces instead with patterns. In essence, this is a type of paint by numbers book, only the number key contains the patterns you will use rather than the usual colors. All you need is a good black drawing pen and off you go, wallets of pens and pencils not required!

I continue to love the way Michael O’Mara comes up not only with top quality coloring books but with many twists on the basic idea. There is a lot to enjoy in here, from the large format (11½²) to the good quality bright white paper and images printed on one side only. The pictures have a frame around them and do not vanish into the spine, but have the key on that side, which is also clearly visible and away from the spine. Lines are black and visible, but anybody with less than good sight will find the wee numbers hard to spot. This does mean that they won’t spoil the pictures when they have been completed, but they could have been black rather than gray. A magnifying glass and a good light is recommended. Each of the twenty-five different pictures has a different pattern key for variety’s sake, and many of these are delightfully suitable for their subject. A dog’s head is filled in with patterns of bones and paw prints, a leopard has spots, rings and dots, and the duck and owl have feathery patterns. Most of the pictures are wildlife themed, but others feature mandalas, buildings or abstract. At the back you can see completed pictures if you get stuck, and before you start, there is a page telling you what you need and how to do it. Also included is a useful practice page with its own frame where you can doodle away and get the hang of it -- essential for anybody new to this type of activity. I hope this is the first of a series; highly recommended for quality and imagination.

Reviewed 2017