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Solve It Like Sherlock
Test Your Powers of Reasoning Against Those of the World's Most Famous Detective
Stewart Ross

Michael O’Mara
8 March 2018/ ISBN 9781782438793

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Think your sleuthing skills can match the great Sherlock Holmes? Give it a go with these 25 short stories. Read the story, work out the clues and decide on the suspect and reason for their apprehension. Then turn to the solutions at the back to see if you have got it right. The cases come from all periods of Sherlock’s career but are not told by Watson. Instead, they are presented as though a packet of unpublished notes was sent to the author. Eschewing the usual “pastiche” style, Mr Ross has decided to write them up as short stories told in the third person; brief, perhaps, but appealing to the reader’s love of trying to solve a case before the detective.

I enjoyed this immensely and would love to see more books in this style;. All the information you need is contained in each case, and going back over it and trying to work it out is a lot of fun. Some knowledge of the period is fairly essential, although having read all the original stories is not. The book is illustrated throughout with black and white pictures, some of which are obviously from the late Victorian period, the others newer drawings. My copy is a hardcover, which makes for a good bedside book, but an ebook is also available for waiting room and travel use. An unusual and innovative mixture of short story fiction and puzzle book.

Reviewed 2018