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So You Think You Know Rock and Roll
An In-Depth Q&A Tour of the Revolutionary Decade 1965-1975
Peter E. Meltzer

Skyhorse Publishing
May 9, 2017/ ISBN 978-1-5107-1766-4
Genre Non-Fiction/Miscellaneous/Music

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Peter Meltzer has provided lovers of music from 1965-1975 with a treasure trove of fascinating information in the form of questions and answers. He is quick to point out that this is not a trivia book, although I think it could be used as a source for a trivia game if you had the right players who know the music of that decade.

The book begins with an eleven-page introduction that explains the format of the book and how Meltzer developed his criteria for inclusion within. The introduction is followed by 40 chapters over 375 pages, followed by end notes and a thorough index for quick reference. I found the latter most helpful when I wanted to see if my favorite bands were mentioned and on what page or pages.

It is obvious that Meltzer, who is an attorney, put his research skills to good use, and took his time (about two years) to create a detailed and accurate book, which is encyclopedic in many respects.

The book is indeed clever and will likely provoke memories of the music of the period for those old enough to remember the bands and songs of their youth, and would provide an ample backdrop for teaching younger people about music they may or may not know.

I could see Meltzer’s work being used as a teaching tool, perhaps at a music school or even in a general arts college course.

While I have not yet read every page, I can assure you that I’m savoring each chapter and having a blast while remembering some forgotten songs, and discovering some obscure facts that I never knew about some of my favorite music. I have even suggested to my husband that we quiz each other on what we learn from the book and then use our newfound knowledge to impress our friends!

Reviewed 2017