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Trump’s America
The Truth about Our Nation's Great Comeback
author Newt Gingrich
Read by Eric Martin

Center Street
June 5, 2018/ ISBN 978-1549115004
Politics / History / Government / Audiobook - Unabridged

Reviewed by  Brenda Weeaks

Who better to write about a history-making political battle to save America than a man who, as a young professor, lectured young Republicans about taking off the gloves, winning back Washington D.C. and saving America.

Gingrich packs an immense amount of material concerning America’s history and politics into his 2018 title, Trump’s America. From the start, he calls out the factions that dislike Donald Trump because he wants to reconnect America to its principals.

“America is deeply divided along a political-cultural fault line. One side wants to see America return to prosperity, strength, and traditional values. The other wants to fundamentally change America into a different nation that rejects many of its founding principles. Trump’s America is not just a name for the people who elected him – it describes this former group that supports the aspirant vision of America that President Trump and his supporters want us to revive.”

Gingrich goes over President Trump’s biggest accomplishments, which Gingrich refers to as the Comebacks, those being free speech, the North American Free Trade Agreement, the Paris Agreement, the American economy, the historic tax relief, and more. He also addresses Judge Gorsuch, the “Collusion” starring Mueller, Page and Strzok and more.

Whether you like him or not, President Trump is a fascinating man. Trump’s America is a fascinating listen for those with an open mind. Newt Gingrich is prolific writer. He recognizes politics and history in the making better than anyone, so I’m sure there is another Trump book waiting in the wings.

Narrator Eric Martin offers listeners a well-spoken, persuasive reading of Trump’s America.

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