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The Ultimate Creative Activity Book

Michael O’Mara Books
16 March 2017/ ISBN 9781782437208

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


If you enjoy coloring and solving puzzles, then here is a whole book full of activities that combine the two. Join the dots, solve han-jie puzzles, find the way out of some super challenging mazes, color by numbers in two new ways and enjoy some intricate pattern coloring.

Back when coloring was new, I bought a French magazine that combined coloring with puzzles and since then I have been looking for something like that for the English-speaking market. Gradually a few such books have started to trickle in, and this is the best one I have seen yet. What makes it so good? To start with, the excellent quality of the bright white paper, which is more like thin card. Designs are only printed on one side and have a margin around then so you don’t have to color into the spine. Some pages have simple black line frames, others areas of white space, and although there are no perforated lines, cutting out a picture to frame is not difficult. There are five of each type of picture with answers at the back and a brief description of how to solve each type of puzzle. For those new to han-jie these are not the easiest puzzles to start, and despite the colorful nature of the book, they are not the colored variety. The dot to dot pictures have colored groups of dots and are small but visible for anybody with good sight and a good light. These are also needed for the Color Quest and Colortronic puzzles, which are both variations on color by numbers. If you have both light and sight, the results are excellent and you do have the benefit of the pale gray numbers and lines barely being visible afterwards. The straight coloring patterns have highly evident black lines and, like the mazes (most intricate I have ever seen), should provide hours of absorbing fun, just like the rest of this book. Another reason for liking it is the large format (14½“ x 10½“), my own personal favorite size for coloring and other activity books. To sum up, this is a wonderfully enjoyable book which probably ought to be available on prescription for both relaxation and a brain workout in one. I do hope it will be the first in a series and that I don’t have to wait too long for the next one. Very highly recommended.

Reviewed 2017