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Ultimate Mazes
Dr. Gareth Moore

Michael O’Mara Books
1 June 2017/ ISBN 9781782437710

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


As a child, I loved puzzles of all kinds just as I do now, and remember being fascinated by mazes. They don’t feature much in adult puzzle books, which is a pity, and for some time now I have yearned for some more grown-up versions to get my puzzling teeth into. Now Michael O’Mara has risen to the challenge and produced a book of them in their superlative large format puzzle and coloring series.

I love this series, and will have to treat myself to the first in their maze sequence Extreme Mazes. The title under review here is the sequel and ought to provide hours of puzzling fun. Like all the books in this series, it is 14½“ x 10½“ with bright white paper of good quality; the mazes are printed on one side of the page and do not vanish into the margin. Lines are black and visible of varying widths with not a pixel in sight, and there are thirty different mazes to work through of various types. Some have bridges, others are on several “floors” while some are described as “warp” with letters leading to multiple answers. We have clearly come a long way from children’s holiday special comics with their modest labyrinths, and good sight plus a good light are required. The answers are printed at the back, and I hope this will not be the last of this series. Very highly recommended to all puzzle fans.

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