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Worlds Within Worlds
Colour New Realms
Kerby Rosanes

LOM Art (Michael O’Mara Books)
6 February 2020 / Out 17 March in US/ ISBN 9781912785124
Non Fiction/Coloring

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


Grab those pens and pencils coloring fans, here is the latest Kerby Rosanes book! Inside are intricate drawings of, as the title suggests, worlds within worlds. A flower opens up to reveal a funfair, a rabbit outline is filled with a busy warren, an asteroid storm is made up of sea creatures and the monkey on the cover has a body made from an ancient temple.

This is a new book of all-new pictures. Inside each one is a tiny key concealed next to a clue, which leads in to the next image. There are answers at the back, and this makes what is already a great book into something even more special. As usual I find myself wishing that the book was twice the size and all the drawings were one sided. Then there would be no double page spreads with a fold in the center, into which the picture disappears and coloring becomes very difficult. This also makes it impossible to frame the finished work which is a great shame as I would love some of these on my walls. On the plus side the paper is a decent quality, smooth, bright and white with visible black lines. All the images are hand drawn so there are no fuzzy pixels and the result is something that is a joy to color in. Some pictures are contained on one page so could be carefully removed (no perforations) and would look great framed and grouped together on a wall. It would even be possible to collect together a set on a theme, so you could have all sea creatures or all flying animals. Some of the double page spreads are mirror images so you could either hang both in individual frames or choose one and put it with other similarly themed pictures. Whatever your choice you can be sure that inside this book are many happy hours of mindful coloring pleasure. As with all of this artist’s work this is probably not the best choice for a total coloring beginner. One for the keeper shelf.

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