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You’ll Grow Out of It
Jessi Klein
Read by Jessi Klein

Hachette Audio
July 2016/ ISBN 978-1478936619
Nonfiction/Humor/Essays, Miscellaneous/General / Audiobook - 6.5 hours/ 6 CDs

Reviewed by Leslie C. Halpern


Emmy Award-winning writer Jessi Klein, known for her work on the television series Inside Amy Schumer and Saturday Night Live, plus her own Comedy Central stand-up special, presents a collection of humorous essays about her life. Read by the author in an engaging style that’s perfect for the material, these essays cover a range of experiences about being female.

A self-proclaimed tomboy, Klein details the awkwardness of always being an outsider with her family, at school, and with her girlfriends. One essay goes to great lengths to describe her complete ineptitude and lack of interest in finding an appropriate wedding dress. The highlight of many young women’s lives, the search for a wedding dress represented an enormous challenge for Klein, who had a limited budget ($2,000 maximum) and a hard-to-fit figure. Her interest in the entire wedding affair was so limited that she initially wanted to wear a nice non-wedding dress right off the rack.

These and other stories, including beauty rituals, boyfriend troubles, loneliness, experiences at an exclusive health spa, the importance of word choice, therapy sessions, and her relationship with pornography and masturbation, are hardly groundbreaking revelations or even particularly important. But in addition to the comedic elements she finds in each situation, Klein reveals a bit of insight on each topic. For example, during an especially stressful time of her life, she discovered comedy shows on cable television. These, along with a documentary on Groucho Marx, helped her realize the tears behind the clown, i.e., comedians often use humor to escape from sadness.

Like most comedians, her language can be direct and raw at times. She’s building to a punchline, not providing support for a thesis statement. The essays are not presented in chronological order, which means she might have an essay about picking out her wedding dress, followed by another about being single, followed by another about being pregnant, followed by another about her childhood. Although thematically this might make sense, the shifts in time can sometimes be jarring to the reader.

This candid collection of essays is for lovers of standup comedy – especially lovers of standup comedy from a female perspective. It’s funny and entertaining, but not for those who are easily offended by language or subject material typically found in comedy clubs or cable specials.

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