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You Throw Like a Girl
A Blind Spot of Masculinity
Don McPherson

Akashic Books
September 3, 2019/ ISBN 9781617757051
Nonfiction/Sports/Gender Studies

Reviewed by Jen Oliver-Rigsby

Don McPherson was a former star quarterback for the Syracuse Orange football team and also played in the NFL. One of the most masculine sports in today’s society. He looks deeply into how sexism exists in our everyday world, without most of us thinking about it. He looks at it as a perspective of how to better raise boys to be men, not to raise boys to be not like women.

McPherson shows that many of today’s statements (i.e. you throw like a girl) teaches boys that you are ok as long as you do not act feminine or appear weak. He tries to bring it to the conscious mind for everyone to be aware of these statements and that they are not okay. He mentions how many pornographic movies display violence towards women and how men are “taught” that that form of action is okay and that women enjoy it. Again, it is a matter of bringing it to the forefront and to have people form different opinions about how they speak, view movies and just act in everyday life.

With today’s Me Too movements, You Throw Like a Girl is an important read and the fact that it was written by a man who once played football is key. It was not written by a protesting feminist but a man who once played one of the most masculine sports. This reader believes that coaches, teachers, parents and just about anyone would gain something by reading You Throw Like a Girl.

Reviewed 2019