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Draw and colour meditative mandalas for inner calm
Susanne Schaadt

Search Press
8 February 2017/ ISBN 9781782214168
How-To Books/Art

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


A zendala is a cross between a mandala and a zentangle; a usually circular design filled with patterns which can be colored in or left black and white. The subtitle on the cover reads “draw and color meditative mandalas for inner calm,” and this is a guide to how to do it and how it works for your benefit.

Mandala is a Sanskrit word and the classic version is associated with Tibet, but as the introduction says, there are circular patterns all over the world. These range from rose windows and Celtic patterns to Native American, Middle Easter and even patterns in nature. You don’t need many materials to draw zendalas; just paper and a good fineliner pen and maybe some colored pens or pencils, so most of this book is devoted to the actual creation of the designs. First learn how to construct a base using a ruler and compasses or paper cutting, and then you are ready for the fun part. Like zentangles, the areas in the zendalas are filled in with various patterns and many of these are given to start you off. Each pattern is shown in several steps (usually four) with the newer parts shown in a different color. This makes it very easy to see how to progress and patterns are arranged in groups. Some are in squares, others in triangles or circles. Some are all filled in with grids while others have smaller shapes floating around in them. There are bands to go around the edges, and even a couple of pages about the symbolism of colors with their positive and negative characteristics. Coming after this is a section showing whole zendalas, each with a note about their construction and a simple diagram of the base. Some are shown in color while others are black and white. These are also arranged in sets, ranging from ones inspired by other cultures to dream catchers, flower, circles, seasons and stars. At the back is a selection of basic zendala patterns to copy and fill in as you wish, plus a helpful index showing thumbnail views of all the filling patterns. To sum up, this is a wonderful way of relaxing that is a step up from coloring books and a lot more creative which is shown as being easy to master, thanks to the clear diagrams and instructions.

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Reviewed 2017