By Greg IIes
Putnam  - Aug.2000
ISBN: 0399146245 - HC

Reviewed by: Pam Stone, MyShelf.Com
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24 HOURS is one of those books that once you start reading it, your heart starts to race and your hands refuse to release the book until you have finished reading the whole book, and boy is it worth it.

John Hickey is a mad genius, one of the worst kind, who has mastered the crime of kidnapping.  Hickey is so good at it, he can exact his crime in 24 Hours.   With hellish precision, he squeezes a family's pressure points, extorts the ransom and vanishes into thin air, leaving the hostages alive (his promise is the kid always makes it out alive), but the family is too shattered to call the police.  Hickey has carried out his plan five times now and hasn't been caught.  He has his sights on his next victim, Abby Jennings, the five-year old daughter of Dr. Will Jennings and his wife, Karen, of Jackson Mississippi; this time there is a possible problem that Hickey does not know about.

Greg IIes takes a parent's greatest horror, the kidnapping of a child, and turns it into a whopper of a chiller.  As the title tells us, the book takes place in 24 HOURS.  But in that 24 hours, though you move along at a frenzied pace, you also get to know each and every character intimately.  The story line is disturbing and yet fascinating at the same time.

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