A Fremont Jones Mystery

By Dianne Day
Doubleday – Sept. 2000
ISBN: 0385486103 – HC
Mystery / Historical - Victorian Era

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com

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Caroline Fremont Jones is resting in the large home she and Michael share and run their detecting business, J & K, from. While recovering from her last adventure, she hears her father is ill. Worried about her father and untrusting of her stepmother, Fremont decides to take a train to Boston and visit him. Although Michael Archer Kossoff, her partner and lover, is against the idea, he decides to join her. Fremont, an independent woman, has a very smart way of getting around Michael when he strongly, and I mean strongly, disagrees with her.

Once in Boston an old friend, William Barrett, meets her. Not liking her stepmother Augusta and not wanting to stay with her right away, they settle in the Parker House and go to visit her father who is, by then, in a hospital. Needless to say a visit home leads to tragedy and it’s up to Fremont and Michael to solve it.

The story takes the reader through Fremont’s relationship with her father, which I found touching, and her old life in Boston, which she compares to her new life. At the beginning, are the returning characters of Edna Stephenson and her son, Wish. In Boston there are some new, very interesting characters along with Fremont’s father, stepmother and son. For me, the characters and the early 1900 dialect made the story.

As I started out the story seemed slow, but definitely picked up when they arrived in Boston, and the other characters were brought in. I solved the mystery pretty easy, but was emotional stirred and surprised by the unexpected out come.

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