By Ronald Weber
Write Way Publishins - April 2000
ISBN: 1885173253 - Hardcover

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
a Copy

I had a jealous reader lurking around while I was reading this one. When I mentioned the subject of this fishy cozy, a head went up and an added interest came looking over my shoulder. Living with someone who helps out at the local lake has made me familiar with the Catch and Release project for lakes, but I won't go into my opinion or anyone else's. I will say using the subject in a mystery is inspiring, and there's nothing wrong with having a little fun with it. 

Fitzgerald is a political reporter who at the moment is living a life I'm sure many men would like to live. After winning the lottery, he took an extended leave from his job. He has rented an A frame with the view of the Borchard River and fishes when he is not writing. The only problem is that his collogues at the paper know where to find him. Phillips calls to ask a favor of Fitzgerald. A fellow writer hasn't checked in and Phillips wants Fitzgerald to check on her. When Allison Thorne started out writing about catch and release ethics, she met the Catch and Keep Alliance, a group that may or may not have connections to the Michigan Militia. When Fitzgerald finds her the mystery and mayhem begins. 

Great premise. Great mystery. Interesting small town characters. The ending was not what I was expecting at all. Great curves Mr. Weber. 

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