Cassidy McCabe Mystery, No. 5

By Alex Matthews
Intrigue Press - April 2000
ISBN: 1890768227 – Hardback

Mystery / Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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In Ms. Matthews’ latest whodunit therapist Cassidy McCabe is getting acquainted with her cat loving, hypersensitive, timid neighbor, Olivia, when something goes deadly wrong.  Personally speaking, Olivia lucked out in getting Cassidy as one of her neighbors instead of being completely surrounded by superior fuddy duds. Cassidy feels compassion for Olivia and her feral (untamed) cats so when a tragedy occurs it’s the ever brave, kind-hearted, level-headed Cassidy who tries to solve it.  Also in the storyline, Zach, Cassidy’s husband goes undercover as a different person in his latest reporter assignment. It makes his character a bit unlikable in this mystery. I admired the fact that the author has him apologizing to his wife and son at the end of the story for his moments of being a lousy husband and father. This is something only a real man can do.  The characters come across as realistic; they aren’t politically correct, perfectionists; they are normal. In fact, Alex Matthews’ characters seemed more in touch with reality than most.  I like it that Cassidy doesn't waste my time trying to hide behind a tough exterior. She thinks things out and deals with them.  As far as solving the mystery, I was pretty sure I knew the murderer, but the false leads gave me doubts till the end.

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