By Truly Donovan
Write Way – Jan 2000
ISBN:  1885173628  - Hardcover

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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Truly Donovan's debut mystery CHANDLER'S DAUGHTER is the beginning of a wonderful cozy mystery series. 

As I read, I found myself taken with Ms. Donovan's single, plus-size, middle-aged, amateur sleuth Lexy Connor. She is witty, intelligent and delightful! 

Lexy lives in Gunbarrel, Colorado, where she runs her own software consulting company.  She loves to eat out with friends and owns a lovable, well-mannered Westie named Molly.  Those of us who can't live without our mysteries, Internet or email, will find a comrade in Lexy as she is blessed with the same passions. 

In her debut mystery, Lexy finds her quiet Colorado world shaken when her friend Tally calls for help.  Tally offers to pay Lexy her usual software consultation fee, if she will solve the mystery of a dead stranger Tally was supposed to meet.  This mystery has Lexy traveling the country (a trip you don't want to miss) in an attempt to find the murderer who is also hunting for her friend. 

CHANDLER'S DAUGHTER is an exciting new cozy! 

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