By L.L. Thrasher
Write Way Publishing - Aug. 2000
ISBN:  1885173660  - HC

Mystery / Amateur Sleuth with a ghost


Reviewed by: Pam Stone, MyShelf.Com 
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CHARLIE'S WEB is the second outing of Lizbet Lange and Charlie; the first was CHARLIE'S BONES.  I have had the good fortune to review both books and they are real winners.


Lizbet got involved with Charlie Bilbo (a ghost) when in CHARLIE'S BONES, his body was unearthed while work men were digging a swimming pool in Lizbet's back yard. She then helped Charlie solve his murder, which happened in 1969. Afterwards Charlie went away and Lizbet had not heard from him till now, and he needs help again to solve the murder of 10 year-old Rachel Wright who disappeared on Halloween night in 1973 from Oak Valley, California.


Lizbet is now involved with Charlie's son, Jonathan, who was just a toddler when Charlie died.  Jonathan is a police officer just like his father was; Jonathan has no idea that Lizbet has contact with Charlie.  If he did, he would not believe it any way.


Lizbet and Charlie are able to communicate through thoughts, but at times Lizbet will forget and she will talk out loud.   It gets her into trouble; people look at her as if she is losing her mind.  Lizbet is a wonderfully real protagonist, who has down to earth values.  She cares a lot about people, even though she inherited millions of dollars and lives in a mansion.  Charlie is like a child; he will talk to Lizbet at the most inconvenient times.  She can be in a conversation with some one, and Charlie will start yelling in her head to “do this” or “ask this question” or tell her “let's go now,” which makes it very hard to concentrate on the topic at hand.


CHARLIE'S WEB is a fast and sometimes capricious read, filled with classic lines of comedy. I was so enthralled with this book that I was able to read it on a slow Saturday. It's a really grand book to read.  L.L. Thrasher, you have done it again; hurry up with the next installment of Lizbet and Charlie.  Readers can expect a surprise ending. 


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