By Marcia Simpson
Poison Pen Press – May 2000
ISBN: 1890208361 - Hardback

Mystery / Amateur Sleuth


Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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Murder and mayhem flow in the fresh, crisp waters of Alaska. CROW IN STOLEN COLORS is filled with noteworthy characters, Alaskan atmosphere and native life. The author generously included a map of the islands and waterways.


Liza, a widow, has moved to Alaska to forget her painful past.  She runs her own freight and book service to road less villages and has a new man in her life. When Liza finds James, a young boy, in the middle of a river she becomes protective of him.  When she realizes James is a witness to a murder, Liza seeks out Lieutenant Howard.  Together they try to solve the mystery and keep James out of the murders hands; what a job it turns out to be!


Whew, there is enough suspense and close calls to turn a person blue. Marcia Simpson keeps her readers on their toes with this on the move mystery. The clues are passed out sufficiently then solved one by one; definitely a first-rate read.

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