By Kathy Reichs 

Scribner – July 2000
ISBN: 0684859718 - Hardcopy
Medical Thriller

Reviewed by: Pam Stone, MyShelf.Com
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This is the 3rd installment of Temperance Brennan, the 1st was Deja Dead and the 2nd was Death du Jour.

Tempe is back with an even more complex case this time around. She is still the forensic anthropologist in both Montreal and North Carolina. Pierre LaManche is Tempe's boss, and he is in the hospital so Tempe must take over the case. A child is involved so it really gets to the core of her being, and she wants to solve the case and fast, but she knows it will not be easy. Two Outlawed Motorcycle Gang members are dead from a vicious and ongoing altercation between the Heathens and the Vipers. The two gang members were blown up by a bomb into a million small parts, and what makes it even harder for Tempe. The bikers were identical twins with matching DNA. Tempe takes identifying the bikers as relatively routine part of her job, like putting a forensic puzzle together. The Heathens strike back at the Vipers, and unfortunately a nine-year-old girl named Emily Anne Toussant, who was on her way to school, gets caught in the crossfire. For Tempe that becomes her cataplasm she joins the gang task force. They discover a teenaged girl's body buried at a biker clubhouse. The girl is Savannah Osprey who was last seen thumbing a ride with a transient biker. Also drawn into the case is Tempe's nephew Kit, who doesn't realize that these gangs are the kiss of death for outsiders. Lyle Crease is a smart-aleck newscaster who wants to use Kit to get to Tempe. Be prepared for the body count to rise in this outing.

I was as grabbed with Deadly Decisions as I was with Deja Dead and Death du Jour. This book is filled with rich details of the cutting edge forensic techniques that Kathy Reichs uses in her real life work, that’s why the forensic details are so gruesome. The author takes the reader into the dark and shocking world of the international motorcycle gangs, and what a wild ride it is, it will scare the pants off of you at times. 

This book was fast-paced and bone chilling and is going to make Kathy Reichs star shine even brighter than before.

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