A Jolene Jackson Mystery

By Paula Boyd
Diomo Books      Nov. 2000
ISBN: 0967478618 – Large PB

Mystery / Amateur Sleuth


Reviewed by: Pam Stone, MyShelf.Com 
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DEAD MAN FALLS is the second in Jolene Jackson Mystery; the first was HOT ENOUGH TO KILL.  As with HOT ENOUGH TO KILL, DEAD MAN FALLS was a great pleasure to read.


It is September so once again Jolene leaves her home in Colorado to return to her home town of Kickapoo, Texas, where her mother Lucille lives for Lucille's annual birthday bash to be held at Lucille's favorite hang out the local Dairy Queen.  And as always when Jolene is in Kickapoo trouble follows her around like a lost puppy dog.


Lucille hasn't changed any. At 72 years old, she wears purple acrylic nails, has fluffed, pinkish hair, and is a card carrying member of the Redwater Falls Gun Club, and she never goes any where without her 9mm Glock with a laser sight in her purse.


Redwater Falls’ reopening ceremony for the water falls, and Lucille insists that Jolene attend even though Jolene wanted no part of it. As the water starts to come over the falls edge, a body comes falling down into the river. It's the body of Calvin Holt a high school classmate of Jolene and Jerry Don's, (Jolene's high school sweetheart) clutched in his hand was a page from their high school yearbook with Calvin's picture X-ed out and Jolene and Jerry Don's pictures had red circles around them.  Who would want them dead and why? Well, maybe Rhonda Davenport whom Jolene refers to as Rhonda the “Lying-Slut” Davenport. Jolene is very good at compulsive sarcasm and an innate ability to put her foot into her mouth.


I felt very at home with these characters as if they were family members. Kickapoo sounds like a great friendly place to live. Paula Boyd has a way with Texas Humor, weaving a great mystery that’s ingeniously plotted.  I could not help but laugh out loud at times at the antics of Jolene, Lucille and their lovely friends in Kickapoo, Texas.


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