By Noreen Wald
Berkley - February 2000
ISBN 0425173445 - Paperback

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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Death Comes for the Critic follows the series debut, Ghostwriter, as the second whodunit in the new Ghostwriter Mystery Series. I have to credit Noreen Wald for not only a good mystery but for giving her sleuth an interesting career. Those in the book business are fully aware of ghostwriters and what their careers entail, but readers are not, and this is what makes Noreen Wald's series so fascinating. 

In this mystery, Jake O'Hare and her mother are in need of funds. Jake agrees to do some ghost writing for book critique Dick Peter. As we all know, when you critique any thing in life you are bound to make enemies and Peter has plenty of them. Jake's early bird commitment to the new job leads her to murder and mayhem. Once the apparent danger starts, Jake finds her self penned into trouble; fellow ghosts (ghost writers), her mother and her mother's friends with their combined ideas and personalities come to Jake's aid.

What an entertaining read! The lead protagonist is a strong, humorous character. I considered the secondary characters to be out of the ordinary; they add an amusing flare to the mystery. Death Comes for the Critic is a great amateur sleuth mystery.

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