A Beau Brummell Mystery
By Rosemary Stevens
Berkley – May 2000
ISBN: 0425174689 - Hardcover

Mystery / Historical / Cozy / Regency era

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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There is nothing I like more than seeing a new historical mystery on the market, but the icing on the cake is when it’s the beginning of a series with a promising future. After reading Rosemary Steven’s debut Death on a Silver Tray, the first in her Beau Brummell cozy mystery series, I am quite sure that a promising future is just what this series has. It’s a light, engaging read with an admirable mystery plot.

We are first introduced to Beau Brummell when he is stopped for fashion advice. The subject of fashion with our fastidious sleuth continues off and on through the mystery in an entertaining way. I didn’t mind this because it’s a part of our sleuth’s character and what makes him so remarkable. Freddie, the Duchess of York, comes to Beau Brummell for help when a friend of hers, Miss Ashton, is accused of poisoning Lady Wrayburn. Although the maid is to blame for the moment, the mean spirited Dowager Duchess’s tongue has offended many, which gives us plenty of suspects and interesting twists in the story line.

Ms. Stevens did a great job of blending a regency fashion dandy into a mystery. The historical atmosphere was pleasing, and being a debut, the introduction of Ms. Steven’s colorful cast of characters was enjoyable and learning about each one of them was not overwhelming in the least. Expect to be entertained with mystery, fashion, and wit as Beau Brummell attempts to solve a mystery and take on an unusual new resident.

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